Mechanical Engineering Services

The Apollo



“No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it.
We need to see the world anew.”
– Albert Einstein


A team of engineers and makers specializing in automated machines for industrial environments and the entertainment industry. We not only design and engineer, but we also build, install, and commission. Additionally, we contract our services for structural, thermal, and vibration analysis. Our team includes professional engineers, mechanical/controls engineers, technicians, and installation professionals. We pride ourselves on finding the weak points in a design and proposing unique and cost-effective ways to solve them.


We make working with engineers a positive experience. We are fiercely passionate about solving your specific problem with your specific input based on your specific needs. Having worked with a wide range of technologies from textiles to explosives, we have what it takes to produce a unique solution tailored to your needs and challenges.

Portfolio Of Our Work

Core Values

Respect - We leave our egos at the door.

Solidarity - Together we are mighty.

Passion - Our team trains to be the best.

Adaptability - We are not afraid of a challenge

Integrity - We own our work, good or bad.