Giant Canyon Swing

Ride System

The Giant Canyon Swing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park sits atop a 1,300-foot cliff overlooking the Colorado River. It swings 4 passengers out over the edge and back at speeds approaching 50 mph.

Apollo was contracted to design and engineer a significant system refit and upgrade for the mechanical and structural systems of this ride. Because the OEM was no longer in business, the original plans were not available for reference. Our team visited the site, climbed on the ride system, and gathered extensive physical measurements and operations data. Armed with this information, we completed extensive reverse engineering and design resulting in a complete set of mechanical and structural drawings and analyses. This effort prompted some structural updates and component replacement which allow this unique ride experience to thrill passengers and will continue long into the future.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Glenwood team and look forward to the next opportunities to work in this iconic park!