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We are a team of engineers, critical thinkers, creative analysts, and machine-design professionals. We specialize in outside-the-box solutions to complex problems.


About Apollo

Apollo Engineering Design Group is a team of highly skilled engineers. Our journey started with a vision to do things differently. What makes us stand out is the mindset that we are governed by our core values. Respect, Solidarity, Passion, Adaptability, and Integrity, we believe, are key principles of sound character.

At Apollo, we take the privacy of our clients and their products seriously. We are comfortable and prepared to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as needed to restrict distribution of information and maintain confidentiality.

Engineering Services

We Work With Many Different Industries. Here Are Some Examples We Have Worked In Before.

Amusement & Attractions

Apollo was born in the ride space providing design, analysis, and engineering review services. Professional Engineers on staff allow our team to comply with most jurisdictional PE requirements.

Vacuum Chambers

Together with Redline Chambers, Inc. we create vacuum chambers for freeze drying, space simulation, and coating applications where quality of design and function are absolutely essential.

Machine Design

Custom machine design is at the core of what we do. Apollo’s analysis driven approach allows our team to prototype virtually before physical parts are released resulting in decreased time to production. 

Finite Element Analysis

Whether structural, dynamic, or thermal analyses, Apollo simulates a variety of engineered systems. We analyze aircraft/spacecraft systems,  vacuum chambers, cooling applications, ride systems, etc.

Tooling & Fixture Design

Apollo designs tooling intended to facilitate repeatability, provide for more precision work part manipulation, and generally speed up manufacturing and testing processes. 

Automation & Robotics

Apollo uses analysis driven methods to design integrated robot systems, end-of-arm tooling, access control systems, conveyance, and a host of other automation challenges. 

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