Virgin Hyperloop One

Pegasus Project

We were contracted by Virgin Hyperloop One to augment their engineering team as they pushed toward the lofty goal of testing a hyperloop system with passengers.

Our team assisted in the design and testing of passenger containment, including seats, restraints, estop, and vehicle frame modification.

Additionally, we designed augmentation for the pneumatic lines, designed and built pneumatic actuation for repress valves, and designed the escape hatches placed at regular intervals along the length of the DevLoop track in Las Vegas.

We committed several thousand hours to this project and engaged our entire team for the better part of a year. We were rewarded when, along with the rest of the world, we were witness to the first successful test of a hyperloop system with human passengers.

Even though the company is now officially shut down and the hyperloop concept seems to have run its course, we had a blast working with the team and participating in the development of such an innovative technology.